Android Software Development Kit: what thing is that?

Have you ever wondered be able to create your own application for your mobile phone? Having your own creation of apps is very interesting. However, the knowledge of programming language is required. Java is the most popular programming language used widely on most mobile handset.

Every platform such as Blackberry, Android, iOS have their own standard of programming. In Android we know the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) to help android apps developers develop their application easily based on Android standard.

If you are interested in developing Android application, you have to understand the Java programming language at least the basics. Android SDK is the support from Google to make Android app development easier ever better.

How to install Android SDK?

  1. First of all, go to , choose the proper version based on your Computer Operating System.

  2. After downloaded, run the Android SDK Manager.

  3. Then install the Android version you will be used.  This might take tens of minutes, ensure that the internet connection is working. Wait until the Android SDK Manager finish downloading your Android version.

  4. To try the Android emulator, you can choose Tools menu > AVD

  5. The AVD ( Android Virtual Device Manager ) will be opened.

  6. Create a new Virtual Device and choose the best configuration that fit to your need.

  7. Start the new created Virtual Device. It shows the Android Emulator.

To start creating your first code, you can use Eclipse IDE and install the Android ADT Plugin for Eclipse. It's going to integrate all of Android Software Development Kit including Android Virtual Device right into your Eclipse editor. You can directly execute the code you're written to the virtual device.

Details of how to create your first Android application using Eclipse and SDK, I will write it on next post.
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