Camera Zoom FX - be a pro photographer with your phone!

The camera has become a very important feature in a smartphone, the smartphone is now not just for simple basic photography. There have been a lot of beautiful photographic art were produced using smartphone camera. Besides that, creating motion picture using phone camera is commonly happen now.

Android default camera app is not good enough if your want to create professional photographic picture. However, there are many Android developer out there that build great stuff to enhance your Android camera.
Camera Zoom FX is another example to get better shot using your Android phone. This paid application offers lots of features and plugins. To purchase Camera Zoom FX for Android, you have to spend 2.95 bucks.

This is Top Apps of 2013  Editor's Choice by Google Play and The Best Camera App for Android in Lifehacker's version. It reaches 4.4 star of its rating in Play Store, almost perfect.

Best Paid Camera App

Based on it's description at Play Store the main feature that offered are  optical / digital zoom (pinch to zoom up to 6x), fast action shot up to 20 shots per second which is the fastest camera on Android. It can take up to 50 shots in burst mode, or you can choose the best mode yourself, or let Camera Zoom FX decide the best mode for you.

Other cool features are :

  •  Front facing camera - perfect for selfies

  •  Customization of ALL hardware buttons such as volume buttons to control zoom, trackball to snap shot etc.

  •  Live previews of some effects such as frames, buddies and more.

  •  Silent camera (if device supports)

  • Tweak hardware options for autofocus, set the white balance, night shot mode etc.

  • Settings for ISO, focus metering, brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness (based on device)

  • Upload photo directly to your social app like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Flash supports (if available on your device)

  • Customisable grid overlays

  • Horizon level indicator

  •  Live Wallpaper, this is the latest introduced feature.

To enhance it's features, Camera Zoom has several free stuff for the extension.  The free pack are fun props, frames, famous ‘buddies’ in your pictures, composites (paper overlays), shutter animations, scary Halloween ghouls and ghosts.

Overall, there is no harm in choosing this app to help you create great art with your phone. Out there, many people has been becoming professional Android photographers. It just need  a bit passion and creativity.

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