Festivals In Philippines, this might be joyful

Motomoi - When you trip to Philippines, these might be a good moment for you to see..
  1. Ati-Atihan: With a history that dates all the way back to 1210, this flamboyant festival is considered one of the Philippines' best. Think massive ostentatious costumes, loud drumming, floats of parading dancers, riotous crowds and a healthy dose of partying and you've got Ati-Atihan - the Philippines' best shot at Rio Carnaval.
  2. Grand Cordillera Festival: Baguio reserves the fourth last week of November to celebrate life and local culture with ethnic songs, dance, costume and food. This festival spreads peace and tolerance and provides an interesting snapshot of the lives of the ethnic people of the northern Luzon area.
  3. Dinagyang: Iloilo City gets its chance to party with its own version of Ati-Atihan. City streets are decked out with colourful banners, street stalls sizzle with barbecued pork, and chicken and costumed dancers compete for glory.
  4. Feast of Our Lady of Candles: This annual display of epic religious pageantry features a procession of the patroness, fiesta queen and court through the streets and town centre of Jaro. Locals carry candles and a statue of the Virgin Mary to the town cathedral, where crowds of people wait. This spirited and vibrant festival is a great introduction to Filipino culture and religious celebration.
  5. Obando Fertility Festival: Want to see couples dance through the streets in aid of hopefully producing a child? Each year, the town of Bulacan holds this festival for childless couples who wish to produce children. Couples dance down the street to the local church, dance up the aisle and attend mass in honour of the three local patron saints.
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I wish to know more about festivals in Philippines can you plz also share the pics

Festivals in Philippines