MX Player, completely featured video player

With screen sizes of the Android powered smart phones changing into progressively giant with each passing day, it falls upon the app developers to start out creating optimized video player apps for android to properly accommodate the modification in viewing mediums from computers to smart phones. Here, I glance at the best  video player apps that you simply will transfer for the android operating system.

MX Player for Android

This specific app belong to my personal favorite and also the solely factor I am able to complain regarding this app is that the free version is bombarded with ads that build the viewing pleasure of the pic rather distasteful. withal, if you wish to urge eliminate this encumbrance, there's invariably an ad – free version that comes on however it'll value you $ 5.60.  Another smart factor regarding this app is that when you leave the film, and choose to play the film once more, it'll raise whether or not you wish to play it from the start or from the last point where you left it off.

You can additionally switch to portrait mode, that may be a feature not present in most apps and although they're, they need you to dig deep in to the settings and build the alterations necessary to permit portrait mode. Another feature called hardware and software decoding is also present. The hardware decoding feature can use the designed – in handset technology ( more normally known as hardware acceleration ) to perform playback video, whereas the software decoding will require the process power of the cpu which might drain the battery as well as have an impact on the standard of video being played.  I personally recommend that you simply give it a shot with hardware decoding and if that does not work then you'll clearly move to another of my review of media player on Android.
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